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You believe in your startup and its capacity for scalable growth. We do too.

Our economy & society are undergoing unprecedented change.

More startups are being formed than ever before, more innovative technology is being developed & adopted faster than ever, & more industries at one time are being disrupted & advanced than ever.

We are excited about the future being built & to be part of building it. But we know startups will face many challenges in doing so.

So we’ve set out to enable entrepreneurs to find, understand, & grow their markets.

Stackmatix Mission

Stackmatix serves as a trusted and transparent growth partner that scales clients' businesses efficiently and effectively by offering world-class consultative guidance and top-notch solution implementation and management.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do.

Long-term Focus

We believe in long-term planning and action. This means setting ambitious goals, prioritizing people and relationships, and making short-term sacrifices to achieve the best long-term results for our clients and business.

Growth Oriented

We consider ourselves to be a ‘growth partner’ first and foremost. This means that we look beyond marketing and advertising to pull whatever levers will make the difference for our client’s businesses, whether sales, engineering, or other.

Move and Adapt Quickly

We understand that for startups the clock is ticking and we need to move quickly. We follow the data and adapt our strategies with speed to drive the best results as soon as possible.

Trust & Transparency

We set clear goals with clients and are upfront about our progress towards those goals, along with insight into what is and is not working. We are clear and straightforward with pricing and do our best to seek win-win relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe a diverse team leads to the best business results. As a holistic growth partner, we need a team with varied backgrounds and skills to drive the best results for our clients.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We hire people who take initiative, risks, and innovate, just like our clients. We are taking a bold approach to startup growth and are building a team passionate about continuous improvement.

Think Like an Owner

We do what is best for your business. Our job is to help you grow, so both of our businesses can grow together over the long-term. We work to understand your business inside-and-out, so we can make the best business decisions on your behalf.

The Leadership Team

James Critelli

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Matt Pru

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Slade Smith

Managing Partner
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Tiffany Shyu

Senior Director of Accounts
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Work From Anywhere

We believe the best talent can be found anywhere and may desire to work from anywhere. We allow our team the freedom to work from where they want.

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