February 17, 2022

4 Tips to Double Your Conversion Rates

In order to maximize leads from your marketing efforts, one of the most crucial components is a well designed landing page.



In order to maximize leads from your marketing efforts, one of the most crucial components is a well designed landing page. Improvements to a basic landing page can easily double conversion rates and thereby double the efficiency of all of your marketing campaigns. The following are the 4 best ways we have found to optimize your landing pages and increase your conversion rates:

Tip #1 - Try a Multi-Step Form 

It’s common for landing pages to use a single long form to capture all of the lead’s data, such as the following:

Through experimentation, we discovered that by switching to a multi-step form (seen below) we were able to double conversion rates for a number of our clients.

This form captures the same inputs, but does so one step at a time. This bite-sized approach to data collection proves less daunting and more engaging to the user. It also allows for more space on the page for compelling content and visuals that persuade the user to sign up. The gamification aspect of the form provides an extra incentive to fill it out. Lastly, bucking trends in marketing drives engagement and the distinct design lures in the user. The fact that the form requires a little extra technical know-how to implement showcases your company’s competence and willingness to go above and beyond the status quo.

Tip #2 Consider an Offer, or Reconsider Your Current One, to Drive Urgency and Revenue

It is amazing what impact the right offer can make on conversion rates. Here is an anecdotal A/B test. After a form fill completion, we prompted the user to call in within 30 minutes to receive one of two offers. One offer promoted “2 free hours of service” if you called in and signed up, and the second offer was of equivalent value, but was communicated as “$100 in free credit” when you sign up. Upon launching the test, we found that the offer for “2 free hours of service” drove 7x the call volume of the other offer, even though the 2 offers were of equivalent value! As research shows, leads who call in are much more likely to do business, and, on average, produce higher sales values. Naturally, this cohort of users provided a statistically significant increase in revenue for our client. 

Tip #3 Remove Unnecessary Steps in the Process

Don’t bury the lead! If you want someone to sign up for a demo, then you should let them sign up for that demo on the first page of your site. I am always amazed to see how adding pages to a workflow plummets conversion rates. Many landing pages will include a “Request a Demo Button” which drives a user to a second page to complete a form. Do yourself a favor and cut out any unnecessary steps in your workflow to maximize your leads.

Tip #4 Optimize for Mobile

Research shows that over 50% of users bounce if your average page load speed is 3 seconds or higher. As we live in an increasingly mobile world, connection rates and processing power vary, and it’s important to make sure your landing page doesn’t require too many resources to load. Compress images and video down as much as possible, streamline and simplify your page, and stick to your most important value points. Many businesses never double-check their landing page experience on mobile and which detracts from their credibility and hurts conversion rates. Consider building a landing page that makes sense for mobile first and watch your conversion rate increase.


A multi-step form, experimenting with offers to drive urgency and revenue, removing unnecessary steps in your workflow, and optimizing for mobile are four clear tactics that can improve your landing page performance immediately. Doubling your conversion rate could well double your revenue so make sure you don’t skimp on designing and implementing your landing pages. It will be a key piece to your business success and proper investment in this asset will provide significant dividends over time!

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