May 25, 2023

Top Startup Agencies of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

In the rapidly evolving world of startups, having the right agency by your side can make all the difference. As we navigate through 2023, we've seen a plethora of agencies emerge and grow, each offering unique services and expertise to help startups succeed. Today, we’ll take a closer look at four agencies that stand above the crowd: Stackmatix, Manifiesto, Studiohelm, and Salesbullpen. We’ll analyze their benefits and rank them based on their offerings and capabilities.


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1. Stackmatix

Stackmatix is our top choice for startup agencies in 2023. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including SEO, advertising, organic social media, creative, and advising services. They also move quickly, getting clients up and running at a speed most other agencies can’t match, and drive those results that much faster.

What Makes Them Different:

  • Full suite of digital marketing services: Stackmatix offers a one-stop solution for startups looking to improve their online presence and drive growth.
  • Expertise in multiple industries: Stackmatix has a diverse portfolio that showcases their ability to work with startups in various sectors.
  • Data-driven approach: Stackmatix focuses on using data and analytics to optimize their strategies, ensuring better results for their clients.
  • Personalized advising services: Stackmatix goes beyond just marketing, providing tailored guidance to help startups navigate the complexities of scaling and growth.

For startups, growth is often a result of various efforts across brand, paid ads, and more. So for companies looking for a full-stack growth partner, Stackmatix is the go-to pick. And, for the speed and quality of results driven, their prices are priced for startups – starting at around $3000/month, compared to other agencies that can charge tens of thousands.

2. Manifiesto

Manifiesto is a branding-specialized design studio that helps startups create a strong visual identity and brand presence. They believe that ideas have the power to transform, and they’ve translated this core belief into a business that turns unique ideas into memorable concepts, images, spaces and experiences.

What Makes Them Different:

  • Branding expertise: Manifiesto's primary focus on branding ensures that they have the skills and knowledge to create memorable and impactful brands.
  • Creative team: Manifiesto is known for its talented designers who can bring innovative ideas to life. Their expertise includes art direction, motion graphics, branding, illustration, and more.
  • Customized solutions: Manifiesto works closely with startups to develop unique branding strategies that resonate with their target audience.

However, as a branding-specialized agency, Manifiesto may not cover all the marketing needs of a growing startup, such as advertising or SEO. Startups might need to engage other agencies for services outside of branding, such as digital marketing or SEO. We recommend Manifiesto for startups specifically seeking brilliant branding assistance.

3. Studiohelm

Similarly to Manifiesto, Studiohelm is a creative agency that offers design, branding, and marketing services to startups. Specifically, they specialize in branding, digital & print.

What Makes Them Different:

  • Versatile service offerings: Studiohelm provides a mix of design, branding, and marketing services, catering to various startup needs.
  • Collaborative approach: Studiohelm works closely with clients to ensure their vision is accurately translated into the final product.

Like Manifiesto, Studiohelm's focus in creative branding may result in less specialized expertise in specific areas, such as SEO or advertising.

4. Salesbullpen

Salesbullpen is an agency focused on helping startups build and scale their sales teams and processes. They assess your current sales efforts, help build KPIs, process, and strategy, & grow your business.

What Makes Them Different:

  • Sales expertise: Salesbullpen specializes in sales strategy, making them an excellent choice for startups looking to ramp up their sales efforts.
  • Scalable solutions: Salesbullpen offers solutions that can grow with a startup, ensuring a seamless transition as the company expands.

While Salesbullpen is a great choice for startups focused on sales and developing out those teams, they do not offer the full suite of services a startup might need to propel their growth. To supplement growth, startups may need to contract another agency focused on other needs like branding or advertising.


While each of the four startup agencies mentioned above has its unique strengths and weaknesses, Stackmatix stands out as the top choice for startups due to its wide range of services and cost-effectiveness. Offering a variety of services and ensuring quality through effective processes and fantastic results is no easy feat, but Stackmatix has been able to do so through years of experience and experimentation. Interested in testing them out? Shoot a line to

If you’re looking for this type of partner, Stackmatix could be your solution. From pre-seed to Series C, we aim to build integrated technology stacks that create consolidated data sets and analytics across all sales and marketing activities to maximize revenue and marketing return. Kick off an email thread at for a free growth consultation to explore how we can help you to zero in your measurement and scale your business.

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