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The Proof Is In The Pudding

3x Better Than the Last Agency: That's Groovy

Prior to Stackmatix, Groove worked with two established B2B agencies for search engine marketing, and wasn’t able to drive successful results with either. After reviewing Groove’s advertising account, Stackmatix found that there were still opportunities for improvement, but they were told by Groove they needed to show performance quickly and with only 1/2 the budget of their predecessors.

Despite the constraints and previous challenges, Stackmatix was able to drive a cost-per-lead 300% lower than the previous agency in only a 1-2 month time frame. More sales have already closed in half the time and with half the budget with a number of quality sales opportunities being worked on today by Groove’s sales team.

How was Stackmatix able to drive this result? Simply put, a more thoughtful and targeted approach.

Groove is a sales engagement platform used by over 40,000 sales professionals to help them save time in their work day. Most of the prior agency’s keywords and ads were being shown to salespeople who were unlikely to be in the market for Groove’s products at that specific moment in time. Stackmatix focused on searches that were much more likely to indicate a desire to purchase immediately.

In any market, only a small percentage of prospective customers may be ready to buy at any given point in time. Take this concept into account for your next marketing campaign and Stackmatix is sure you will see improved results.

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Matthew Pruchniewski