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The Proof Is In The Pudding

Achieving 427% Return on Ad Spend and Best PPC Cost-Per-Lead Ever with Canadian Tutor Network


The Canadian Tutor Network (CTN) is no stranger to advertising, having worked with a variety of vendors for both offline and online initiatives. While some partners had performed better than others, CTN struggled to see consistent results and found that their partners didn’t have a reliable way to remove duplicate leads and provide an accurate cost-per-lead number.

Within a few months of working with Stackmatix, CTN saw a return on ad-spend of 427%, driving $31,664 in sales on $7,410.72 in ad spend while achieving the best cost-per-lead they had ever had for a PPC campaign. In addition, Stackmatix put a system in place to capture lead data in real time, remove duplicate leads, and provide an accurate cost-per-lead calculation, making it easier than ever for CTN to gauge the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. This system has proven to be so effective, that CTN is in the process of rolling it out across all of their partners, so that they will have campaign clarity and a standardized way to compare performance.

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Matthew Pruchniewski