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The Proof Is In The Pudding

Finding Fortune 500's with Curate Art Group


The common thinking is that Fortune 500 clients are won over a steak dinner, a game of golf, or some other expensive ploy to ‘wow’ the prospect. While there may be some truth to the stereotype, at Stackmatix we don’t think it needs to be a chore to attract quality clientele.

Our client Curate Art Group is one of the premier art consultancies in the world for hospitality, hospitals, and banks. If a new hotel is being created or rebranded, Curate Art Group looks to consult on the art selection and helps manage the process all the way to installation.

Hospitality like many industries is one driven heavily on relationships and Curate Art Group was unsure if online advertising would be an effective approach to persuade hotel owners that Curate should be the trusted consultant for their projects.

Stackmatix and Curate were both pleasantly surprised to find we were able to drive a Fortune 500 lead, one of the largest hotel organizations in the world, within just a few months of activating of our online advertising initiative! Thanks to tracking setup early in the process, we were able to clearly see the lead came from a Google Paid Search ad and had the campaign not been running, Curate would not have been in the Google Search Results for that query, and would not have been recognized as a great option for the project.

All Fortune 500 sales cycles for Curate have always taken at least year, while in this case, with the lead being inbound, the sales cycle was expedited to less than two months!

Every day, across every industry, people search online and actively provide signals as to the products and services they need. Stackmatix works with clients to figure out which signals are best to target to convert into paying customers for your business.

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Matthew Pruchniewski