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A Complete Solution

Our Tried-and-True Process


[1] Adtech/Martech Audit

Stackmatix provides a comprehensive, standardized review of your advertising, marketing, and analytics platforms to understand your architecture and your marketing campaign performance to-date. Stackmatix provides a proposal regarding improvements to the existing setup inclusive of creating accounts on new platforms.

[2] Platform Setup

Stackmatix is an expert in marketing and advertising technology. We will make sure you have all of the accounts you need to grow your business more efficiently and configure them appropriately for your business needs. We ensure that proper tracking is setup related to each platform so we can measure performance across marketing campaign channels.

[3] Systems Integrations

Stackmatix ensures that platform integrations are leveraged to the fullest effect and that data is passed between systems whenever possible to improve reporting and optimization capabilities. Stackmatix provides guidance as to how platforms integrate with one another and what capabilities this integrations enable for your business.

[4] Advertising Management

Stackmatix offers end-to-end digital advertising campaign management. We offer advertising services across 10 major inventory sources. We advise which channels may best to start and help your business scale to new marketing channels over time. We are an extension of your team that drives your business forward to a more profitable future.

[5] Advisory Services

Stackmatix offers ongoing technical support, strategic guidance, and training sessions for active clients. We can help new team members get up to speed quickly or train existing team members on new topics. Stackmatix is able to provide investment introductions for its clients who are in the process of fundraising, or plan to do so in the future.

[6] Improve Profitability

That’s our number one goal for your business. We want to help you grow efficiently. We measure and track every campaign so we can optimize on ROI. Email us at or click the 'Adtech / Martech Audit' button below so we can discuss your business and how we can help you grow quickly and intelligently.